Caffeine helps the brain stay alert

Athletes all over the campus are up and at it before the sun. By the time a morning class rolls around and most kids are rolling out of bed, we are dragging our sore bodies to class. There is only one thing on my mind before class, how can I manage to get caffeine before class?

 With the classroom redesign I propose that the coffee is already there.  Knowing that when I get to class there will be a nice brew waiting for me would make me more excited to get to class. Not only would the caffeine make me more awake, studies show it would also help with memory. It allows for a sense of alertness and helps students retain more information during class. This would all students help walk away from a lecture with better understanding and clarity of what was going on.

  Caffeine is a substance that Is generally understood to scientist as a blocker. “It heads right for the adenosine receptors in your system and, because of its similarities to adenosine, it’s accepted by your body as the real thing and gets into the receptors” ( This means that caffeine is added to your system and helps. It doesn’t add or do anything crazy to the body. Making it safe for college students to drink.

“Caffeine peaks 15 minutes on average and stay high for 45 minutes after ingestion”  ( This means that the best way for students to do critical thinking with a caffeinated system is for them to drink it at the beginning of class and not before. If the students drink coffee 30 minutes before class they are not going to have a system of caffeine by the middle and end of class and that means that the drowsiness will kick in and some of the critical thinking could not be as up to  speed.  Another reason why making coffee available in class would help critical thinking.

According to, there are ideal times to drink coffee. An hour after you are awake, early afternoon, and after 5. This means that this coffee machine would not only benefit morning classes, but classes at all times of the day!

Overall caffeine is a good thing that will help students be alert, focused,and of a sound mind to participate in class. It is beneficial at all times of the day. It is important to begin drinking caffeine at the beginning of class to have full effect. Therefore I propose we set aside 400 dollars of the budget for a keurig coffee machine. The machine is 179.99. I propose that 70 dollars be allotted for sugar and creamers, and the rest for actual coffee. Students will be asked to provide their own cups.

I know that this will make it easier for me to get motivated to go to class. Not only that, it will help with my critical thinking.


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