How does Jezebel acquire so much power?

While reading in 1 Kings I was surprised when I got to chapter 21. The story of Naboth, Jezebel, and Ahab. I found the story particularly interesting because in this story the women, Jezebel, was the biggest instigator of the sins against Israel.It was here we begin to see how much power she really has. When Naboth originally told Ahab “no”, Ahab simply sulked,  he didn’t plot to kill Naboth.. It was Jezebel who was determined to use her husbands power to get whatever she wanted. Jezebel was the one who had Naboth, an honest man, stoned to death. Not only having a women be so important to a story but for a women to have so much power in these in times is rare. ( is why I wanted to further look into how Jezebel had so much power.

Even in today’s socitey women are not seen as powerful as men; however, Jezebel seemed to have more power than anyone at the time. She is able to turn Ahab away from Yahweh and is determined to wipe out Yahweh’s followers. “In fact, the threat of Jezebel is so great, the  prophet Elijah summons the acolytes of Jezebel to a tournament on Mt. Carmel to determine which deity is supreme: God or Baal” (

Yet even after Elijah won, she still threatened him into hiding. Elijah went into depression from the tragic fall of his life because of this queen.

Looking further into the subject I found that “Jezebel came from Phoenicia, where her father was an absolute monarch. She assumed a king had absolute power and could rule as he wished. This was opposed to the Israelite ideal of a king who ruled under the guidance of Yahweh and Yahweh’s priests.” ( This simply means Jezebel had so much power because she assumed she did, and did as she pleased.

Ahab did not help the situation because instead of stopping her, he let her do whatever she pleased. Ahab allowed her to singlehandedly bring Israel into sin by letting her spread her ideals. (

Today we can look at Ahab and not understand the power he gave to Jezebel. However, in today’s society people are bending to the will of others they care about. I think that is why Yahweh redeemed Ahab, because he was being negatively influenced. He knew Ahab’s true intentions and could see that Jezebel was just manipulating him. Although he failed the test, Yahweh redeemed him when Ahab repented. (


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